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Labradoodles are a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle and have been known as Americas favorite Designer Dog. They have been around for over 30 years and originated as a hypoallergenic assistance dog.  They are  an extremely popular dog due to their temperaments and easy trainability.   They are very loyal as well.   The coat is really what sets them apart.  The coat can range from short, wavy hair to a very curly fleece coat.  It is thought the more fleece-like the coat, the more hypoallergenic the dog will be. For some people suffering from allergies, these dogs are a great solution, however, depending on they type of allergy ( dander, hair, saliva, ect.) there may still be a reaction even with a fleece coat.  They can have many different coat colors such as: white, black, chocolate, apricot,  and cream. Some coats, like the Wool-Curly Coat will require routine brushing and occasional trips to the groomer and other like the Wavy Coat, are nearly maintenance free. They make great  companion or Service/therapy dogs.  Because of their increasing popularity, they are even branching out into fields such as bed bug sniffing dogs.  They are a great choice families with children and other dogs.  
Although the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not  recognize the Labradoodle as an official breed yet, the Continental Kennel Club (CKC) does and allows for Labradoodle registration. The CKC classifies them as a developing breed.   All of our pups are registered with the CKC.

What sets Happy Go Lucky  Labradoodles apart from the rest?
1. Parents have been through extensive health screenings and are in top notch health. We feed all of our breeding dogs and puppies high quality dog food. They have plenty of room to exercise and play.

2. Parents have been through Temperment and Personality Testing....... they are mentally suitable for higher levels of training, such as Service Dog Training ~ which they pass on to thier pups

3. Pups are born IN our home, and are a part of our family

4. As soon as the pups are born we utilize Early Neurological Stimulation Exercises, which have been proven  by the US Military to significantly improve trainability, temperment and health.

5. Pups are exposed to daily household and farm sounds and experiences

6. Pups are also exposed to children and everyday household commotion and noise. Our pups are well suited for families with children and other dogs.

7. All Happy Go Lucky pups are REGISTERED!

8. We stand behind our pups with a 2 Year Health Guarantee!

9. "Service After the Sale"  We offer a lifetime of support, if there is EVER an issue or question about our pups, we will respond as fast as we can and be as helpful as possible to resolve it!  Our relationship with our buyers is very important to us, and we love staying in touch. 

Examples of coats:

Sometimes its hard to describe a Labradoodle coat to someone who has never seen one, or may of only seen a few.  The coats can vary widely, so we have put together some coat descriptions according to the  "Kennel Club Books Designer Dog Series"  Labradoodle Breed Standard. We have also included a picture of that particular coat example from one of our own puppies to help you decide which coat you would like.

The Fleece Coat: A distinctly soft fleecy "feel". Loose, loopy spirals. Length is 4-6 inches. Low-No shed. Typical of Multi-Generational & Australian Labradoodles.  Regular brushing and occasional trips to the groomer recommended . This is the coat type Bear has.

The Wool Curly Coat: Feels similar to that of a pure bred Poodle. Tight Curls. Length 4-6 inches. More maintenance then the Fleece or Wavy Hair Coat. Low-No Shed. Typical of Multi-Generational & Australian Labradoodles. Regular brushing and occasional trips to the groomer recommended. This is the coat type Holly has.

The Wavy (or Hair) Coat: Soft Waves, more coarse coat. Easy to maintain. Typical of F1's. Length 2-4 inches. Shedding can vary from no-shed to shedding as much as a pure bred Labrador Retriever. "Wash & Wear"coat with very little maintenance needed. This is the coat type Kaleesi & CoCo have.

Here's some "Doodle" Terminology :
F1- First Generation  (Labrador x Poodle)
F1B- "Back-crossed"-  (F1 x Poodle)  This is done to enhance the coat
F2- F1 x F1
Multi-Generational- at least 3 generations of Labradoodle lineage
Parti- 2 different colors

Trainer referrals:
​Ann Pulliam:  # 806-674-6068 Piedmont, OK
Jill @New Leash on Life:  # 405-604-0519 OKC, OK   

Vet referrals:
​Dr. Groth @ Town & Country Animal Hospital in Choctaw: #405-769-5698
Dr. Fruitt & Dr. Mudroch @ Pet Vet in Midwest City: #405-733-2238
Groomer referrals:
​Dog Gone Cute in Midwest City: #405-259-8184
Grooming Salon @ Pet Vet in Midwest City: #405-733-2238